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About S&N Labs ~
Complete Chemical Analysis and Laboratory Testing

S&N Labs was started in 1968 providing the nascent electronics industry in Silicon Valley, California with consulting and design expertise. In 1983, the company relocated to Santa Ana and set up a laboratory to support the consulting operations. Starting out with one room-full of microscopes and equipment, the laboratory has expanded to our current size with suites dedicated to all types of chemical analyses.

Specializing in Organic and Polymer Material Analysis

S&N Labs was the first laboratory in the country to provide FT-IR microscopy services and is still on the forefront of organic and polymer material analyses. Our range of available techniques is unparalleled and our chemists are heavily cross-trained so that they can use the most appropriate tools to solve our client’s problems. S&N Labs can assist you by combining our extensive experience dealing with all kinds of chemical and material questions with our vast range of analytical equipment.

Unlike most private laboratories, S&N Labs specializes in “unusual” requests. Where most labs avoid one-time analyses, we seek them out. We can provide firm (and reasonable) quotations for the analysis of unknown mixtures and the quantitation of unusual compounds in a novel matrix.

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